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Week One, in Sum

I baked SO MUCH BREAD this week! One of my classmates said that the week flew by for him. For me, it seemed to go on forever – not really in a bad way, though. I just kept having a feeling that I’d forgotten to do something that I had planned…for this weekend. And then […]

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First day of school! Baguettes!

Home from my first day of baking school! So exciting and overwhelming! We are a group of 15, coming from as close as San Francisco and as far as Australia. Several of us from out-of-state have connections to the bay area (like me), but for some, it is their first time here. People are staying […]

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By matzah alone

Passover might be my favorite holiday. I can’t claim to be very religious, but I love the tradition, I love the way it brings family together, and I love the food. In a holiday of many edible symbols, matzah might just be the biggest one. There are many symbolic foods consumed during the Seder, but […]

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Irish Brown Bread

This past week at work, we’ve been making a lot of soda bread and Irish brown bread in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day. Tonight, I decided to make some of the latter at home. So far in this blog, the “or not” side of “bready or not” has been heavily represented; now, I finally bring […]

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