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French bread

One of the bibles of bread baking is┬áThe Bread Baker’s Apprentice (Amazon affiliate link there, folks). I would love to master everything in this book. As it stands, I have humbly tried my hand at a few recipes, and had them turn out decently. Not the works of art I want, but that will come […]

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By matzah alone

Passover might be my favorite holiday. I can’t claim to be very religious, but I love the tradition, I love the way it brings family together, and I love the food. In a holiday of many edible symbols, matzah might just be the biggest one. There are many symbolic foods consumed during the Seder, but […]

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Granola Bar R&D

Warning: no actual recipe here. This is a work in progress, but I want to keep you in the loop… I’ve recently discovered my favorite granola bars. They’re┬áCascadian Farm Granola Bars (disclaimer: that’s an affiliate link. I stand to make a tiny amount of money if you buy after clicking), and I’m pretty sure I […]

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